J.W. Miller 570A High Fidelity Tuner
J.W. Miller 570 High Fidelity Receiver

This article was published by J.W. Miller. It describes their 570A High Fidelity Tuner, and 570 High Fidelity Receiver designs that could be constructed with their "Band Pass Tuned Radio Frequency Coil Kit For True Fidelity".

There were a number of variations on these designes offered over the years. There were at least three different sets of tubes used. The first were Glass tubes, this set included 6D6 RF amplifier tubes. The second set of tubes were the metal octal tubes with grid caps, this set included 6K7 RF amplifer tubes. The third set used single ended metal octal tubes, and included 6SK7 RF amplifer tubes. There were also at least two different styles of dial offered, a round airplane dial, and a straight sliderule dial. My Miller High Fidelity Tuner has the single ended metal octal tubes and a sliderule dial.

If you have any questions, comments, or further information on the J.W. Miller 570 Coil Kit, the 570A High Fidelity Tuner, or the 570 High Fidelity Receiver, you can contact me by email at byrnsj@sbcglobal.net.

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